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J4K iPhone App

We at the Just4keepers goalkeeper coaching schools are honoured that iPhone chose our goalkeeping sessions for their goalkeeper coaching apps!

(An app is basically a video download)

In fact we are the ONLY goalkeeper coaching schools in the world available on iPhone!

To get this honour, Just4keepers had to fight off many other goalkeeper coaching schools from the USA to Australia to be handpicked by ‘Apple’ to produce the video coverage that they needed for their goalkeeper training sessions.

Another honour was they approached Just4keepers goalkeeping!!!

At present there are 4 apps covering different types of goalkeeper training exercises and we are hoping by the end of 2010 that we will have over 40 video goalkeeper training sessions on apps!

Please Note: if you decide to download a Just4keepers goalkeeper session on your iPhone , please remember if you need any support, you need to go to ‘iphones’ as this is something that just4keepers does not control.

Even though the Just4keepers iPhone apps have only been live for 3 months, I believe they have downloaded OVER 1000 apps in 11 countries already!

If you do decide to download, I hope you enjoy what Just4keepers has done to help you improve your goalkeeping!

This is just another example what Just4keepers goalkeeper coaching is prepared to do in terms of going the extra mile to help budding young goalkeepers develop!

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